Annette Hord

Annette Hord , 2 days ago

SCHS Owls will travel to Livingston, this Friday, September 25 for the football game. Due to COVID 19 guidelines, they are limiting the number of people allowed in the stadium. We will have a limited number of tickets available that will go on sale Tuesday, September 22 from 10:00-2:00. Tickets may be bought in the front office for $7 a ticket on a first come, first serve basis.

Annette Hord

Annette Hord , 7 days ago

On Friday, we will run a normal schedule. Everyone who is not in Homecoming will attend their 1st through 7th period classes. At 1:00 students may sign out with a letter from their parents. They will sign out with their 7th Period Teacher. NO one will be signing out in the office. We will NOT be accepting phone calls for students to check out of school on Homecoming Day. Once a student has signed out with their 7th period teacher, they MUST leave campus and not return.

Students who remain at school will remain in their 7th Period class until 2:55. We will NOT be going to the Gym Ceremony or to the Parade. It will be streamed live through Smith County Insider and you will watch from your 7th period classroom.

Smith County High School

Smith County High School , 8 days ago

Important Dates for Juniors and Seniors:

- September 21 - Josten's will meet with juniors at 1:30 to discuss class rings.

- September 22 - All seniors will take the ACT at SCHS at 8:00 am.

- September 22 - Jostens will meet with seniors about cap and gowns at 1:30, after the ACT.

- October 1 - Josten's will be taking orders from juniors and seniors for class rings and caps & gowns during lunch.

Smith County High School

Smith County High School , 20 days ago

~Senior tux/drape pictures-Sept. 8 & 9.
~Check for your scheduled time under Senior Formal picture schedule on classroom.
~If you are a virtual student you will need to be present during your scheduled time to ensure that you are included in the 2020-2021 Yearbook.

***Please wear the following for your picture:
BOYS: Wear a white shirt, no writing or graphics on the shirt.
GIRLS: Wear a spaghetti strap tank, but you must wear a shirt to cover straps during the school day. If you would like to wear a necklace in your drape picture please wear or bring it with you. Due to CDC guidelines, Inter-State Studio will not be bringing any jewelry with them.

Annette Hord

Annette Hord , 26 days ago

All students attending Smith County Schools (traditional in-person learning) will return to school on Monday, August 31st full time, Monday-Friday. Virtual students will continue in the virtual learning program. Chrome books that have been issued to students are for student use at home and in-school for the remainder of the school year. There is no need to turn in chrome books on Monday when all students return to school. Students will continue using these. If you are here before 7:45, there are new waiting areas for students.

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