Defeated Braves

Defeated Braves , 3 days ago

If you believe in the hope and promise of the future, then help us EMPOWER your child to help others. The funds we raise are going to ensure that every single student at our school has the tools they need to shape their future. YOU make the difference! 🤗 #gameon #empoweredkidschangetheworld #schoolrules #makeadifference #somedayistoday

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Defeated Braves

Defeated Braves , 5 days ago

Our school is already amazing, but with your support, it’s going to be even better! The funds we raise will benefit each and every one of them…including yours! That is EQUALITY in ACTION, and we could not be happier! Thank you, parents and students, for being too legit to quit! #gameon #empoweredkidschangetheworld #schoolrules #makeadifference

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Defeated Braves

Defeated Braves , 9 days ago

What can we say: Our parents RULE! We are overwhelmed with Golden Tickets from our STEAM ENGINE program! Woo Hoo! If you did not get a chance to REGISTER and help your child with this simple assignment, please do so tonight! We are extending the deadline another 24 hours. 🙏 😃 #gameon #empoweredkidschangetheworld #schoolrules #makeadifference

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Defeated Braves

Defeated Braves , 10 days ago

WOW! Our incredible students did a fantastic job at today’s fundraiser Launch Party! Please take ten minutes tonight to REGISTER and COMPLETE your Golden Ticket! Imagine a world where kids are EMPOWERED to change the world! That is what GAME ON! is all about, and it starts with the Golden Ticket!! #gameon #empoweredkidschangetheworld #schoolrules #makeadifference

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Defeated Braves

Defeated Braves , 11 days ago

We can hardly wait for tomorrow! Our STEAM ENGINE! program will focus on teamwork and taking action to change the world, starting right here at school! Please help us EMPOWER your child to help others by helping them with their GOLDEN TICKET assignment. We thank you in advance for being awesome! 👍 #gameon #empoweredkidschangetheworld #schoolrules #makeadifference

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